Let the artist,

be the artist...

Ruben de Snoo




age: 32

country: the Netherlands

contact: info@interactiveart.nl






Current Jobs:

  • Lightoperator and stage design for Jett Rebel
  • Lightoperator with Onbevreesd theatertour (Belgium)
  • Interactive/video installation artist
  • Lighting technology teacher at ROC West-Brabant (part-time)
  • spare lightoperator with the Handsome Poets festivaltours
  • spare lightoperator with Trijntje Oosterhuis theatertours
  • lightoperator for Phlippo Productions
  • lightoperator for Loveland events


Past Jobs:

  • Light- and video-operator with Chef Special
  • Interaction designer and operator with Tenfeet
  • Light- and video operator with Baskerville
  • Lightoperator and stage design with Stevie Ann for theatre shows
  • 2nd Light- and video-operator with Di-rect at festival shows
  • followspot quer and technician with Anouk
  • Lighttechnician and operator for Flashlight and PRG productions
  • Lightoperator at venue Bibelot Dordrecht


Education and training:

  • Bachelor of Art and Technology; Design for virtual theatre and Games, HKU
  • Pedagogisch Didactisch Getuigschrift Docent MBO)
  • Lighttechnology MBO-4, ROC Midden Nederland
  • Theatertechnology MBO-3, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  • Coolux basic training
  • Coolux advanced training Pandora's Box
  • Coolux advanced warping training
  • Grand MA 2 basic and advanced training
  • Certified Grand MA 2 trainer
  • Chamsys advanced training
  • D3 technology basic training



English, good spoken and listening

Spanish, basic poken and listening

German, basic spoken and listening


For more info please contact me at info@interactiveart.nl






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