Let the artist,

be the artist...

Ruben de Snoo





age: 35

country: the Netherlands

contact: info@interactiveart.nl







  Current Jobs:

  • Interaction designer and researcher at i! studio Utrecht
  • Light/video operator and stage design for Jett Rebel
  • Operator with Suzan en Freek
  • Light/video operator with Rival Consoles (UK)
  • Interactive/video installation artist
  • Spare lightoperator with SAN HOLO, Candy Dulfer, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Kiasmos, Handsome Poets
  • Light and mediaserver technology teacher at ROC West-Brabant (part-time)


  Past Jobs:

  • Light- and video-operator with Chef Special
  • Interaction designer and operator with Tenfeet
  • Junior technical producer with Born Digital
  • Light- and video operator with Baskerville
  • Lightoperator and stage design with Stevie Ann for theatre shows
  • 2nd Light- and video-operator with Di-rect at festival shows
  • followspot quer and technician with Anouk
  • Lighttechnician and operator for Flashlight, Phlippo and PRG productions
  • Lightoperator at venue Bibelot Dordrecht


  Education and training:

  • Bachelor of Art and Technology; Design for virtual theatre and Games, HKU
  • Pedagogisch Didactisch Getuigschrift Docent MBO)
  • Lighttechnology MBO-4, ROC Midden Nederland
  • Theatertechnology MBO-3, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  • Coolux advanced training Widget designer 
  • Coolux advanced training Pandora's Box
  • Coolux advanced warping training
  • Grand MA 2 basic and advanced training
  • Certified Grand MA 2 trainer
  • Chamsys advanced training
  • Disguise  basic training


2D/3D Software:

Touchdesigner, application design

Unreal engine 4, basic programming/animation/DMX integration

Coolux widget designer, expert programmer

Adobe suite, basic knowledge

Disguise, basic nowledge

Notch, basic nowledge


Chamsys, expert programmer

Grand MA 2, experienced programmer

HOG 4, experienced programmer

Avolites, basic programmer


English, good spoken and listening

German, basic spoken and listening

Spanish, simple spoken and listening


  For more info please contact me at info@interactiveart.nl