Rasta game (2D point-and-click adventure)

With my projecteam at the Utrecht school of arts we designed a 2D point-and-click adventure. This was created in 2009 in adobe director and photoshop. We learned the basics of gameplay and programming.


Download the .exe game with the button on the right:


Figure it Out (abstract 3D animation) 

In 2010 we designed this 3D animation at the Utrecht school of arts, build in 3D studio Max. This was the first time I worked with animated light in a virtual space.

Vlokje (2D animation)

This 2D animation was build with Adobe illustrator and Flash at the Utrecht school of Arts


Lightsculpture stopmotion

This stopmotion movie was created by taking single pictures from a lightscupture, created with conventional theaterspots.

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