Let the artist,

be the artist...

Red Bull Batalla Word Championship 2021 Chile

This live event was streamed realtime on youtube. We created additional augmented reality with flying elements, set extension and virtual light/LED. I was responsible for the light design of the virtual light and the DMX control system behind it. We worked with Ventuz, Expression and Grand MA on this project.

(As technical Artist for NEP Group)

The Connection (BNN/VARA)

Within this tv show augmented reality was used for set extension, to create virtual gameplayelements and for virtual light. I was involved as technical artist to program aumented reality control functionality and DMX light integration.

(As technical Artist for NEP Group)

Avastars talentshow (Talpa)

For this augmented reality talentshow NEP group used face-, motion- and camera tracking to project augmented elements into a live broadcast environment. I was as part of the team that designed and created the dmx controlleble light system in Unreal. We used Unreal 4 with a custom made DMX personality system.

(As Technical Artist for NEP group)

Unreal Engine 4 artnet system

I created a test setup in Unreal Engine 4 to control movingheads in realtime with a lightdesk. This was scripted en animated with self created blueprints. I managed to create an system that makes it possible to use a lightdesk to control all desired parameters in Unreal. If desired colour and intensity merging is possible.