Let the artist,

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AV winterwandeling OLV klooster Amersfoort 1-2021

For this winter experience I designed the lights on the route and inside the buildings.

Video design by Martin Boverhof.


Realtime video playback and mixing tool

In Touchdesigner I programmed a custom mediaserver. The software can loop, delay and add effects over live video camera feed. There's also a video mapping option.

This is controlable by SACN or artnet from a lightdesk, or midi/OSC.

The software was first tested on a tour with Jett Rebel. After finetuning it was part of the touring video setup on the production Sticky Fingers, a Rolling stones tribute tour. The design for this show was done by Arjen Sanders.


Interactive fixture demo 

For Distrixs I programmed a interactive fixture demo on the CUE 2020. Visitors could step into the interaction zone and would trigger a lighting fixture to show a demo of its possibilities. Programmed with touchdesigner and Chamsys.


Ableton and Light sync The Brahms Tour 2018

I programmed an installation for the band The Brahms were ableton could control the lightdesk. This was no timecode so the band was free to jam or loop between scenes. The light operator could also overtake the lights if he needs to. I also made the design for this small venue tour.


Projection Mapping Oudendijk Lightfestival 2017

For the Lightfestival in Oudendijk I designed a light and video-projectionmapped show. I did the art direction and programming. Sound design was made by Mark Thur, Video content by me and Marloes Kiezebrink. I used Coolux Pandora's Box and Widget designer for controlling the video and lights.

Spoorlijn @ Halvezolen Festival 2017

With Mark Thur I created this custom made interactive video/light and sound installation. Attendees could interact with the light to create a railroad. We used Touchdesigner, Ableton Live, Coolux Widget designer and an industrial sensor to make it happen.

Tesla coil Timecode show for Glow Festival 2016

For Dutch Showdesign I programmed a timecode lightshow on interactive art object; Tesla Coil. This was part of Glow festival in eindhoven. 15 Highend solaspot 2000 and were used to light up the coil and the lake.

Interactive Ledwall Vodafone Nederland

As freelancer for Dutch Showdesign I designed the interactive part of this Ledwall. With the use of 22 industrial sersors, Coolux Widget designer and Pandora's Box it was made possible for passersby to interact with the video content on the screen. Installation of this wall was done by Heuvelman Audiovisuall and Living projects.

Dance to the bone @ Kunstnacht Waalwijk 2014

This skeleton-particle installation was running in the old Cityhall of Waalwijk at Kunstnacht.

I used a kinectsensor, two projectors, Coolux Pandora's box and Widget designer for this set-up.

When a visitor was dancing in a particular area the projected skeleton would copy the moves. When both feet were from the floor the lionsymbol on the wall would spit fire.

Draw something lightmatrix

For the open house at the Zoomvliet College, I created an interactive installation, with the looks of a game-show. The pixels could be activated by a buttonmatrix on a touch monitor.This installation was made with Coolux Widget designer.

Skeleton lightshow test

Testing my Kinect skeleton tracking patch for Coolux Pandora's box and Wiget designer. With this patch light and video controlled by human gestures would be quit easy.

Toyota Xperience Efteling 2013

As interaction designer with Tenfeet I made an game for the Toyota Xperiance. Participants could play a game toghter, were they need to communicate about the virtual obstacles an the position of a real car their been driven.

The virtual car in a media server (for the videopreview) was been controlled by sensor data of the real car.  I programmed this setup with Coolux Widget designer and Pandora's box. For the sensoring I used an industrial sensor.

Interactive performance Chef Special

As lightprogrammer with Chef' Special, I was been asked to design an interactive setup, were the guitar player could control the audio and the lights with his body movements.

The tracking was done by Coolux widget designer using an industrial laser scanner, all data was routed over udp and artnet, to ableton live and Chamsys MagicQ.

Interactive av experience Geofort

As examproject at Design for Vitual Theatre and Games at The Utrecht school of Art, I created an interactive  audiovisual walk in an old army fort.


With my projectmembers at the Utrecht school of Art we created a one-person theater where the bounderies of live and prerecorded performance faded.

Lightsculpture stopmotion

This stopmotion movie was created by taking single pictures from a lightscupture, created with conventional theaterspots.