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Jett Rebel Live in Ahoy 2017

In the same period as my son was born I designed this stadium concert for Jett Rebel. I used WYSIWYG for previsualisation. Besides light I also designed video and stage effects. For this I used Chamsys and D3 control systems. With NOTCH compositing software I played back realtime generated efects to edit live video footage. Pinkel Hoogekamp was my sidekick for TV-lights and followspot que-ing.

Jett rebel Superpop tour 2017 part 2

This stage set-up has been designed to be able to 'paint with light'. Everything was white: floor, backdrop, stairs, stage curtains and clothes. To keep the frontlights as low as possible I did use 6 mini PC's as side lights and a followspot.

Jett rebel Superpoptour 2017

With a light wall of 9 ACL sets I did build an effect to give dept to the stage look. CLF (Fairlights) did supplied 12 LEDwash XL to colorize the band members. With the two different panels on each LEDwash it was possible to make a equal wash on the whole body of a person, even on a very close distance.


Marle Tompson Canopy EP release 2016

Fot the CANOPY EP release of Marle Tompson in the Paradiso I designed the stage look and feel. With a very basic lightset, and a lot of decor, it was a challange to think about getting the most benefit from the (fixet) fixtures. With two hours of set-up time and programming we were very happy with this result.

Jett rebel Trio tour 2016

We did a short tour in very small venues, so everything had to be very compact. I created an interactive video system with webcams, a video server and a few old TV cubes. On these TV cubes you could see realtime videostreams from the webcams on stage, with some oldscool distortion effects and realtime particles. The server I used for this was a Coolux pandora's Box, the control was done by a Coolux Widget Designer system.

Jett rebel Best Night of your life Tour 2016

For this clubtour I designed my own light effect. These tilting and rotating Maxi Moonflowers consists of 250 watt ACL bulbs. With 24v cilinders from an old electric chair, controlled via artnet by Coolux Widget designer, made it possible to tilt the fixture. Rotation was made possible bij endless dmx controlled mediaspinners from PRG. For this tour I used a Chamsys MQ60 with wing and a custom made dimmerrack with a 24v relais unit, 12 channel dimmer, a ELC showstore XL and a portable Widget design control system.

Jett Rebel Solo Theater tour 2015

For this first solotour of Jett Rebel I used a mapping set-up with Coolux Pandora's box. For videoinput I created live content with oil, incects, paintings and food, wich was made possible by a selfdesigned rotating overhead projector. Vari Lite 2500 spots and wash were provided by PRG.

Jett Rebel Heineken Music Hall 2015

For this show I did programming and design. The flying elements, the Jett Pack effect and the stage entourage was part of this design as well.

For the Controls I used the lighting controller Chamsys Magic Q100 Pro with wing and a Magic Q60 as back up. Preprogramming has been done in Cast WYSIWYG.

Jett Rebel Tour D'Amour 2014

After the release of Jett Rebel's second studio album 'Hits for kids', we toured through the Netherlands for 6 weeks and visited 20 sold-out venues. To customize the stagelook I designed a Neon light sculpture and a floor lightset with a starcutain, 12 dimmable TL-tubes, and some conventional lights.

Chef' Special Passing through Tour 2014

In 2014 the band released their second album, I made a light design for 12 sold-out clubshows in the Netherlands. These renders show my first ideas about the lichting for this clubtour. Later on the led stips have been changed by 24 showtec sunstrips, because the tungsten look was more effective then the cold led color temperature within this design.

Baskerville Strongroom clubtour 2013

For their new clubtour this band from Haarlem gave me the freedom to create a stage, video and light design according to my ideas about the show. I started freeking around with blinders and projection in my studio, and made a previsualisation in 3D Studio Max.

The final product was a tourable light-, video- and decor-installation, that strengthened the dynamics between the bands minimal techno and pumping electro beats. The setup consists of two poles with each two blinders and a 6K strobe, behind a shades-panel as projection surface. I used the blinders and the strobes to break up the stage space, while opening the shades in music breaks. With two projectors I mapped custom made video content with a Coolux mediaserver onto these shades, when closed. This all was controlled by a Chamsys MQ100 desk.

Noord-Zuipool, Peuterparade 2013

This small theatre production for children asked me to create a simple light design that they could use to tour without the need of having a lighttechnician every single show.

Stevie-Ann Lightup theater tour 2012

For this Dutch sing and songwriter I made a light- and stagedesign for the Lightup theatretour in 2010.

DJ op de Dom 2011

During my internship with Borndigital I was asked to make a lightdesign for the celebration of 300 years Peace of Utrecht. Flashlight were suppliying 36 ELC powerstick ledstips, 12 Claypacky Alphabeams, 36 ledpars and 8 Martin Atomics. For pixelmapping en lightcontrol I used a Compulite Vector Green.