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SAN HOLO AMBUM ONE europe tour 2019

I have been traveling with the SAN HOLO team for the ALBUM 1 tour in april 2019 in western Europe. 

Design made by Manuel Rodriques, pictures by Haley Lan.

Jett Rebel

Jett Rebel and I are working together since november 2014. I have designed the lighting and the stage look and feel for the clubtours, the festival shows and the performances in the Rotterdam Ahoy and Heienken Music Hall.

Rival Consoles (UK) Festivaltour 2018/2019

For London based live performer Rival consoles I arranged the lights and LED set-up. Pictures below are from a show at the Roskilde festival.

Top 2000 Live 2017/2018

For Sanders Licht en Geluid I programmed the Coolux Pandora's box videoserver for this tour. This has been done with a HOG 4.

Trijntje Oosterhuis Theatertour 2017/2018

As replaced lightoperator I did some theatershows with Trijntje Oosterhuis. 8 x Robe DL4s and 12 x Robe Spider were supplied by Smits Light and Sound. The design was made by Pinkel Hogenkamp.

Onbevreesd Theatertour 2017-2018

With well known Belgian actors and artists; Hugo Matthysen, Aram van Ballaerd, Ronnie Mosuse, Tine Embrechts and Karlijn Silighem, we dit an sold-out tour trought the Belgium theaters. For this show I only used conventional lights and static video content on the decor to get a autentic look and feel. Design was made by Barbera de Wit.

Trijntje Oosterhuis Kersttour 2016 and 2017

As replaced lightoperator I toured with Trijntje Oosterhuis in serveral dutch Churches, in december for het Christmastour. Smits light and sound supplied all the equipment. We used 36 CLF Conan ledpars, 6 Robe DL4 spots and 36 CLF Juno spots. Controlling was done by Chamsys MQ80 with wing.

Chef' Special

For this dutch band I have been the lightoperator from 2011 until mid 2014. We have been playing on festivals like Pinkpop, Paaspop, Sziget (HU) and Capotown Jazz (SA).


These electropop artists asked me to join their crew to operate the lighting and video visualizations.

At the end of december we did the Strongroom club tour, named to the bands second album.

Loveland NYE 2015

I operated the lighting for PRG Netherlands at the New Years Eve edition of Loveland dance festival. 16 x vl5, 10 x vl6c , 6 Matin Atomics and 6 VL 3000 spots were controled by a HOG 3.

Kuwait Mini World Futsal Tournament 2013

For this indoor soccer tournament I programmed the lighting for the openings ceremony, as operator for Tenfeet. Video programming was done by EricJan Berents and Fabian Fisniku.

Het mooiste van Sesamstraat 2012/2013

The first thing I did after graduation from the Art Academy was touring as Lightoperator with Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie, Tommy and Bert. I learned a lot about light in theater from Gert-Jan Schreuder as lightdesigner.